English: 2Bac (All Streams)

Unit 9 (Sciences and Technology)



Professeur : Mme ZAARA Asmae




I- Activity 1

II- Activity 2

III- Activity 3

IV- Activity 4


I- Activity 1


Fill in the gaps with the appropriate word from the list :

internet - emails - communication - genetics - invention - games

The mobile phone is a very important technological ____________________ .

Most students depend on the ____________________ when they have to do a research.

 ____________________ is the study of how the characteristics and qualities of parents are given to their children by their genes.

My little brother enjoys playing computer ____________________ .

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are effective means of ____________________ .

People no more send letters, but they send ____________________ instead.


II- Activity 2


Match the words to make collocations :

  1. remote
  2. genetic
  3. internet
  4. atomic
  5. online
  6. technological
  • bomb
  • shopping
  • control
  • invention
  • addict
  • engineering


III- Activity 3


Fill in the blank with the appropriate collocation you have made in Activity 2 :

 ____________________ makes life easy. You can buy whatever you like through the internet.

This TV program is boring. Could you pass the ____________________ so that I can change the channel.

Thanks to ____________________ , the world population will never suffer from food shortage.

Internet is the most important ____________________ in today's world.

During World War,the US dropped two ____________________ on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which caused a big damage.

A lot of youths have become ____________________ . They spend too much time on facebook and other sociable networks.


IV- Activity 4


Put the word between brackets in the correct form :

Some parents worry about their children's (addict) ____________________ to computer games. They believe that playing games for too long can be (harm) ____________________ to their children's health. They are afraid of changes that may occur in their (personal) ____________________ .

Some parents have frequent (argue) ____________________ with their children on how long they can log on their computers.

There is no (science) ____________________ evidence that excessive use of the mobile may cause cancer.

Our life has become easy thanks to (technological) ____________________ and science.

Most people today have internet (connect) ____________________ on their mobiles.


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