English: 2Bac (All Streams)

Unit 6 (Culture)
Grammar : Phrasal Verbs



Professeur : Mme ZAARA Asmae




I- Course

II- Practice 1

III- Practice 2

IV- Practice 3

V- Previous Bac Exams Items on Phrasal Voice


I- Course


Phrasal verb = Verb + particle

1- Literal : The meaning = the meaning of the verb + the meaning of the particle.

  • Examples: go out ,come in,run away, sit down...etc

2- Non literal : The meaning = Totally different.

  • Examples : give up:stop

3- Some phrasal verbs are separable, others are non-separable.

  • Examples : put on your jacket = put your jacket on
  • give up smoking (NOT give smoking up)


II- Practice 1


Match the phrasal verbs with their meanings :

Phrasal verb

1- put on
2- stand for
3- take off (plane)
4- give up
5- hand in
6- apply for
7- look up
8- find out
9- check in
10- turn down


a- submit, give back (homework, etc)
b- search in a dictionary, book,etc
c- register (in a hotel, airport, etc)
d- discover, learn about something new
e- wear, get dressed
f- refuse, not accept
g- depart, leave the ground
h- stop a habit, an activity
i- represent, replace
j- send a request


III- Practice 2


Replace the underlined words with the appropriate phrasal verb from the list :

make up - set up - fillin - take after - put off - breaks down - bring up - take off - eat out - come back

  1. This car is old. It always stops working _______________ .
  2. My friend will return _______________ from Canada next year.
  3. Many people like to eat in restaurant _______________ at the weekend.
  4. Some people get a loan from the bank so that they can start _______________ a business
  5. The students asked their teacher to postpone _______________ the exam until next week because they aren’t ready.
  6. You must remove _______________ your shoes when you enter a mosque.
  7. "Why didn't you go to school yesterday ? Don't invent _______________ a story." The father asked his son.
  8. It ’s hard to differentiate between the twins because they look like _______________ each other very much.
  9. Parents usually educate _______________ their children according to local principals, beliefs and traditions.
  10. "Please complete _______________ this form with your personal details." The clerk told a customer.


IV- Practice 3


Fill in the gaps with the appropriate preposition from the list :

out - down off - after - in - into - up - about - for - on

  1. The ministry launched a new program to bring _______ a change in education.
  2. The flight from Marrakech to New York will take _______ tomorrow at 10.
  3. If you want to get a visa,you need to fill _______ an application form and send it by email.
  4. When I don't understand a word, I usually look it _______ in a dictionary.
  5. Mrs. Lee will check _______ from the hotel tomorrow at 5 and take a taxi to the airport.
  6. Student: What does NGO stand _______ . Teacher : Non Governmental Organisation.
  7. I don't log _______ my facebook very often these day becauseI'm too busy.
  8. Bob applied for a job, but they turned him _______ because he wasn't qualified.
  9. When both parents work, they usually need a maid to look _______ their children.
  10. While I was arranging my room yesterday, I ran _______  one of my exam papers at primary school.


V- Previous Bac Exams Items on Phrasal Voice


  1. Judy is ___________ forward to her sister's marriage ceremony.
  1. The kids are ___________ a lot of fun in the zoo.

bringing - paying - taking - having - looking

  1. Leila will be late for the party this afternoon because she needs to ___________ her little sister. She says she will join us when her parents ___________ from the dentist's.

look down - look after - turn down - take after - come back

  1. The investigators were very professional. They discovered ___________ not only how the criminals stopped the alarm system, but also how they entered ___________ the bedroom without breaking any windows.

got back - picked up - took out - got into - found out

  1. When you are reading a text, it isn't necessary to ___________ every new word in a dictionary.
  1. Many NGOs often ___________ laws to protect children from violence.

look after - calm down - call for - turn up - look up

  1. "Don’t forget to write ___________ the doctor's phone number."

for - off - down

  1. The pupils were not really ___________ attention to the lesson.

drawing - having - paying

  1. I can't ___________ the invitation. It's an opportunity for me to meet some important people.
  1. These washing machines are cheap, but they quickly ___________ .

make up - break down - log on - grow up - turn down

  1. Connecting schools to the internet will certainly ___________ important changes in education.
  1. "I'll be back in a few minutes. Just ___________ working." The teacher said.

make up - bring about - go through - turn down - keep

  1. Ali decided to ___________ smoking when he became a father,
  1. I rarely ___________ to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

log on - take down - stand for - give up - make up