English: 2Bac (All Streams)

Unit 6 (Culture)



Professeur : Mme ZAARA Asmae




I- Activity 1

II- Activity 2

III- Activity 3

IV- Activity 4

V- Activity 5

VI- Activity 6


I- Activity 1


Match the words with their definitions :

1- culture

2- altruism

3- stereotype

4- initiative

5- tolerance

6- values

7- coexistence

8- cooperation

9- equity


a- the ability to accept and respect the opinions and beliefs of others.

b- the ability to live together in peace and harmony.

c- the act of participating with others and working together.

d- selflessness, kindness, generosity.

e- the way of life especially customs and beliefs of a group of people.

f- equal treatment to anyone.

g- the ability to act before others.

h- the beliefs and principals people think are important in life.

i- a fixed image usually wrong or exaggerated about a group of people.


II- Activity 2


Complete the following sentences with the appropriate words from activity 1 :

  1. Saying that all women are talkative is an example of ___________________ .
  1. "Couscous" and "the Kaftan" are part of the Moroccan ___________________ .
  1. The National ___________________ for Human Development has made a great change in our country.
  1. Hospitality is a cultural ___________________ which is very common among all Moroccans.
  1. Fighting corruption needs a big ___________________ between the government and the population.


III- Activity 3


Match the words to make collocations :

1- culture

2- civic

3- deeply

4- moral

5- table

6- common

7- universal


a- education

b- rooted

c- good

d- shock

e- values

f- obligations

g- manners


IV- Activity 4


Fill in the blanks with the appropriate collocations you have made :

  1. ___________________ is concerned with educating children on the love of their country.
  1. A good citizen always works for the ___________________ of his community.
  1. We have to accomplish ___________________ before we ask for our rights.
  1. Tolerance and coexistence are examples of ___________________ .
  1. Person may experience ___________________ when he moves to another country.


V- Activity 5


Put the words between brackets in the correct form :

  1. The Moroccans are known for their (generous) ___________________ when they have guests, they usually do their best to satisfy them.
  1. The festival of (tolerate) ___________________ is organised in Agadir every year.
  1. The (culture) ___________________ diversity makes Morocco a beautiful country.
  1. Every country has its own (tradition) ___________________ food and clothing.
  1. Aichoura is a (celebrate) ___________________ in which people throw water and eggs on each other.
  1. Giving something although you need it is an (altruism) ___________________ act.
  1. Many cultures have changed a lot due to (global) ___________________ .


VI- Activity 6


Complete the following charts :

Verb ---Noun---












Noun Adjective