English: 2Bac (All Streams)

Unit 5 (Woman and power)
Grammar : Passive Voice



Professeur : Mme ZAARA Asmae




I- Course

II- Exercise 1

III- Exercise 2

IV- Previous Bac Exams Items on Passive Voice


I- Course


To Be


II- Exercise 1


Rewrite the following sentences as suggested :

  1. The teacher explains a lesson every day.

A lesson ____________________________________________________________

  1. The students wrote some nice paragraphs yesterday.

Some nice paragraphs ____________________________________________________________

  1. The government will employ a lot of people next year.

A lot of people ____________________________________________________________

  1. Our country is going to organise the next World Cup.

The next World Cup ____________________________________________________________

  1. My father has bought a new car recently.

A new car ____________________________________________________________

  1. Najat had prepared dinner before her husband arrived.

Dinner ____________________________________________________________

  1. We will have finished all lessons by the end of this week.

All lessons ____________________________________________________________

  1. They are building a new school in our neighbourhood.

A new school ____________________________________________________________

  1. The child was playing computer games when his parents arrived.

Computer games ____________________________________________________________

  1. Lots of tourists will be visiting Marrakech this summer.

Marrakech ____________________________________________________________


III- Exercise 2


Rewrite the following sentences as suggested :

  1. Some associations give rural women micro-credits to set up small businesses.

Micro-credits _______________________________________________________________

  1. People mustn't pollute the environment.

The environment _______________________________________________________________

  1. Nadal played an exciting match two weeks ago.

An exciting match _______________________________________________________________

  1. The teacher is explaining the lesson of passive voice at the moment.

The lesson of passive voice _______________________________________________________________

  1. The heavy rains damaged many houses in Morocco last year.

Many houses _______________________________________________________________

  1. Kawtar has understood all the English lessons.

all the English lessons _______________________________________________________________

  1. Noura gave an expensive watch to Hanan on her birthday last Saturday.

Hanan _______________________________________________________________

  1. Students may use a calculator during the math exam.

A calculator _______________________________________________________________

  1. They don’t speak Arabic in Canada.

Arabic _______________________________________________________________


IV- Previous Bac Exams Items on Passive Voice


  1. Candidates mustn’t use mobile phones during the exams.

Mobile phones __________________________________________________________

  1. Our school has used Massar to process students’ marks.

Massar __________________________________________________________

  1. We should encourage students to take part in social activities.

Students __________________________________________________________

  1. They will build two boarding schools in our area.

Two boarding schools __________________________________________________________

  1. They published the article in a weekly magazine.

The article __________________________________________________________

  1. They decorated Nancy's room with baloons and flowers.

Nancy’s room __________________________________________________________

  1. A multinational campany offered Leila a good job.

Leila __________________________________________________________

  1. Students must hand the project after the vacation.

The project __________________________________________________________

  1. The company will test a new data system.

A new data system __________________________________________________________

  1. Parents should encourage children to eat healthy food.

Children __________________________________________________________

  1. They have published a new report on divorce rate in The Times magazine.

A new report on divorce rate __________________________________________________________

  1. The committee selected two films for an international festival.

Two films __________________________________________________________


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