English: 2Bac (All Streams)

Unit 4 (Sustainable development)
Grammar : Future Simple / Perfect



Professeur : Mme ZAARA Asmae




I- Course

1-1/ Future Simple

1-2/ Future Perfect

II- Exercise


I- Course


1-1/ Future Simple

Future Simple : will + infinitive  actions that will happen at a time in the future.

  1. Next summer I will travel to Tetouane.
  2. We will study English tomorrow at 10:00.
  3. Morocco will not organise the World Club Cup next year.

Ronaldo (not come) ________________ to Morocco next year.

Hamid and his friends (play) ________________ football tomorrow.



1-2/ Future Perfect

Future Perfect : will have + past participle  actions that will finish at a time in the future


by + future time expression ( by tomorrow, by 2030, by next... , by the end of....etc)

in + period of time (in 2 weeks,in 3 days, in 5 years,...etc)

  • By next Friday, we will have finished all lessons.
  • We will have left the classroom by 9:15.

My friend (arrive) __________________ from America by the end of this week .

By 2025, the government (build) __________________ a lot of new schools.


II- Exercise


Put the verb between brackets in the future simple or perfect :

  1. I (not/finish)  ___________________   the job by the time you come back tomorrow.
  1. By next summer, my father (buy) ___________________  a car.
  1. They (do) ___________________ their homework tonight.
  1. She (clean) ___________________ her house by 10 o'clock.
  1. I (go) ___________________  shopping next Sunday.

      6. (you/eat)   ___________________   by six?

      7.What (you/do)  ___________________  by the end of the day?