English: 2Bac (All Streams)

Unit 10 (Brain Drain)
Language Quiz



Professeur : Mme ZAARA Asmae




I- Exercise 1

II- Exercise 2

III- Exercise 3

IV- Exercise 4


I- Exercise 1


Fill in the gaps with the appropriate word from the list :

abroad - low - unemployment - emigration - opportunities

Brain drain is the ________________ of professional workers to developed countries.

Salaries are usually ________________ in most developing countries.

Many students continue their education ________________ and decide to stay there.

The local governments should provide job ________________ to their talented workers.

________________ rates are high in the African continent.


II- Exercise 2


Put the words between brackets in the correct form :

Some people are (patience) ________________ . They can't wait even a few minutes.

You need to have a (member) ________________ card if you want to join our club.

With the (invent) ________________ of the mobile, our life has become easy.

It is (believe) ________________ to say that the Moroccan team can win the World Cup.

Brain drain is an (importance) ________________ phenomenon that requires serious actions.


III- Exercise 3


Fill in the gaps with the appropriate word from the list :

  1. The woman _________ lives next door is an architect.

which - whose - who

  1. Marrakech is a city _________ many tourists spend their holiday.

who - where - which

  1. Facebook is a social network _________ has grown so quickly.

which - whom - when

  1. The boy _________ you met yesterday is my brother.

whose - who - whom

  1. The student _________ eyes are blue is American.

which - who - whose

  1. The reason _________ many people didn't come to the party is because they haven't received their invitations.

whose - which - why

  1. The government gave some financial assistance to people _________ houses were damaged by the heavy rains.

which - whose - who


IV- Exercise 4


You couldn't go on a picnic with your friends last weekend because you were too busy.

You (express regret) : ________________________________________________